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Full Media Production Services and Facilitation services

Garden Route Drones is a Hub to facilitate Full Media Video Productions, who manage each project, provides Production Services & Facilitation of each clients needs. We provide exceptionally skilled Drone Pilots who are also experienced cameramen to capture your locations and requirements. We only source from top quality and preferred sub-contractors who can offer registered, legal and insured services as required. Our Pilots are all registered with local ROC Companies for full SACAA compliance’s.

Our Services


Effortless Cinematography. Whether you’re aiming to immortalize your grandest occasion or capture an awe-inspiring moment on set, our unrivaled services are the top pick for seamless filming.

Live Stream Events

Broadcast Your Events in Real Time. Share the thrill of your live events as they unfold, from epic competitions to thrilling sports moments, with our high-quality footage that lets you connect with audiences around the globe in the moment.

Corporate Video Productions

Elevate Your Corporate Video. Looking for the perfect corporate video production? Our cutting-edge technology and skilled photographers will capture cinematic views and breathtaking panoramas, ensuring you get the highest quality footage.


Bringing Your Vision to Life in Commercial Productions. It all begins with a captivating vision and creative treatment. We handle location scouting, talent casting, and provide the right equipment, an enthusiastic crew, and skilled technical filmmaking expertise to ensure your commercial production shines.


Captivating Brand Films & Videos. Recent estimates reveal that 50% of global online marketing budgets are now allocated to branded video content. It’s not just the direction brands are heading; it’s also what audiences crave to watch.


Mastering Stop Motion Animation. Whether it’s used in videos or animations, stop motion and time lapse techniques demand meticulous planning and preparation, blending technical expertise with artistic creativity to achieve captivating results.”

Our Pilots are all registered with local ROC Companies for full SACAA compliance’s., that offer specialised turnkey solutions and commercial services to government, corporates, and private entities.

About Us

Exploring New Heights with Aerial Imaging. Over the years, we have captured countless photos using ground cameras, planes, and helicopters. Today with drones , these cutting-edge devices enabled us to take cameras to unprecedented heights, opening up a world of possibilities. From aerial mapping and surveying to advanced aerial surveillance and beyond, our innovative range of technologies and solutions has made drones a reality, making geographic data more accessible and cost-effective than ever before.”

It was an absolute pleasure working with Garden Route Drones. Their friendliness, professionalism, reliability and ability to follow the brief exactly made me feel very comfortable with my decision. Once can tell that they put their heart into his work and will without a doubt deliver a high quality product. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Adam Samuel – Render Worx

“We as Rawson Commercial Helderberg team has done some work with Garden Route Drones. It is a pleasure to partner with them on this project as a dynamic and innovative business with high standards of service delivery. We have initiated a request to assist in a world-class marketing campaign to be leaders in the Commercial industry in South Africa with drone photography as the focus.”

Sindy van Wyk – Rawson Commercial Helderberg

Our Preferred Sub-contractors…

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Full Media Project Production Services & Facilitation: Garden Route Drones offers a combination of Skills, Cutting-edge Technologies and in Collaboration with its services providers, can deliver International Standards of Excellence. Garden Route Drones will ensure your project will be: Dynamic Revolutionary Original Novel Exceptional Specialised!